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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

How Much ?!

As I mentioned I am visting London Saturday for a bit of sight seeing. Aspley House and the Banqueting Hall are in the vicinity of Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament AND Westminster Abbey so expect some very touristy pictures of famous London landmarks. And I suppose one day I'll have to visit Buckingham Palace (only open in Summer).

I was tempted to visit Westminster Abbey and take a few pictures but the website indicates no photos. I then looked at the website and the entry fee is £10 although "The Abbey never charges people who want to worship.".

I've been before, and its a wonderful building it really is, but I'd rather spend my tenner somewhere new (I may pop into the Roman Catholic Cathedral at Southwark).

I checked out St Pauls and that is £9.50 and doesn't allow photos either! Canterbury cathedral allows you to buy a permit.

Some cathedrals ask for a donation. Salisbury has a payment desk but this is entirely voluntary. It foxes American Tourists though.

Tower Bridge is £5.50 which I would pay (regardless of photos) because I've never been. Anyway it's not open yet so a combined visit with the Tower itself is on the cards.

I've sort of lost track with how much such attractions charge. I mostly visit National Trust, Historic Houses Association or English Heritage properties. I wave my card and waltz on in.

To give you an idea of what you might be expected to pay at some of the "TOP" Historic Attractions.

Kensington Palace - £11.50
Kew - £12.25 + £5.00 for Kew Palace
Hampton Court - £12.30
The Tower of London - £15
Windsor Castle £14.20
Blenheim - £14.50
Castle Howard - £10 (member of the HHA scheme)
Buckingham Palace - £15
Warwick Castle- £13.95
Chatsworth - £11.75
Holkham Hall - £10.00 including Bygone museum (member of the HHA scheme)

National Trust Properties are not necessarily cheap. Two of the most famous Knole and Hardiwck Hall are £8.50 and £8.17,respectively

This heritage lark certainly draws the money in! All of these are fine buildings well worth visiting. So if you are serious about visiting lots of properties membership of the National Trust and the HHA is essential.

The National Trust are now quoting gift aid prices. For example at Hardwick the standard price is £8.17 and the gift aid price is £9

"The Gift Aid Admission includes a 10 per cent voluntary donation. Gift Aid Admissions enable the National Trust to reclaim tax on the whole amount paid* - an extra 28 per cent - potentially a very significant boost to property funds.

Every extra £1 paid under the scheme is worth over £4 to the National Trust ..."


Cherrypie said...

I've not done the Tower of London either but I did visit Westminster Abbey years ago. It's stunning x

Pete said...

totally agree.

so tha's the Tower, Eltham .... ;)

Beki said...

I have quite a list of buildings I'd like to visit this year but I may need to take out a loan first ;o)

Pete said...

and they are?