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Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Dave

It was Dave's birthday so we decided to celebrate by birding the new RSPB Reserve at Rainham Marshes in East London. Dave arrived promptly and we immediately went to Tesco for a very nice breakfast.

We still arrived before the reserve opened. The new visitors centre has an "interesting" design.

Ok its vile! It had two door handles falling off the entrance. I appreciate the RSPB put as much into bird conversation but......

Lets be honest we had a target bird, the Penduline Tit. The thing is reported every day! So we spent 3.5 hours at its favourite haunt and nothing. Did see a Yellow-Legged Gull and various Stonechats and heard Cettis Warbler. There were other bits and pieces but no Tit :(

So a bit of lunch and then back out.... and you guessed it the stupid bird show for 10 secs on 5 Reeds outside a hide!! Loads of birders dutifully walking up and down and if we had sat in a hide and counted ducks we had have seen it!! Kicks floor in disgust.

So we searched again and no joy MUTTER did find a Black Redstart!

An enoyable day out if bitterly cold.


The Bird Woman said...

I like the way the visitors' centre just blends into the surroundings ;o)

Boo said...

What an awful building, reminds me of a very old service station on the motorway (M6)