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Sunday, January 14, 2007

First trip to Rye Meads this year

Well I considered staying home this afternoon and watching Ivanhoe (the classic version). But no I decided to get out in the sun so I went to Rye Meads. It was very very quiet. I did manage to add Song Thrush to my year list!

I really need to go in the mornings always seems more about.


the 2 wrennies said...

didn't see you, we were there between 12 and 3 today; thought it was pretty quite bird-wise even tho car park was full

Pete said...

got there at 2.

VERY quiet. I really think its best in the morning get there at 10 sort of thing.

the 2 wrennies said...

what's the best time of year to go ?
I would like to get a shot of kingfisher or bittern or BOPs

Pete said...

well bittern forget!! not a hope!

Kingfishers? April - June depending on breeding success!! If its like last year you should have some good opportunities

BOP's go to Bucks for Red Kites!!

the 2 wrennies said...

what about Amwell gravel pits - is that any good ?

Pete said...

Amwell is good BUT ...... the birds aren't that close. There is a hide where you may get good views of Water Rail and Marsh Tit (by a feeder station which is viewable from the hide).

The main area for birds is fairly distant. I had excellent views of Bittern last year BUT it is not guaranteed and I had a scope. You would not get a photo.

Bittern is very hard to get photos of. Minsmere? but then it may be flight views only. And you could get Marsh Harrier there.