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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


ok last week I was phoned by BT and asked did I wish to upgrade my line to 8mb and my download limit to 5gb for..... FREE. In a moment of weakness I said yes.

They said they would confirm this by email to my btinternet address within 3 working days. I told the chap I don't use it and to send to my hotmail account.

Well 3 days came and went. I got into my bt account and guess what.... there was the email! And it had a one off charge of £30!!

After an hour on the phone - NOTHING! I did get through at one point and the bloke then lost me! But apparently they were "extremely busy and my call was important to them". Just not important enough to have sufficient staff on to meet demand.

To be fair this morning I got straight through. Apparently there was no cost and this was a mistake on the email. However I hadn't realised they'd send a new modem and I've cancelled the order. I can just see something going wrong and phoning them up is a nightmare. I take the view that it works fine so why tempt fate. A luddite I maybe but "if it ain't broke don't fix it".


Boo said...

Too true! Good luck with BT!

Seany said...

I often wonder how many of these are set up in the hope that the recipient won't notice until it's too late.

Think you made the right call!

digi-birder said...

Every time I hear the words 'BT' I become quite apoplectic. And I discover this morning that our ISP (at home and work) has now become part of BT Retail.

I lost count of the times, in a previous job, that I had to ring them over various problems, only to be sent from pillar to post and in the end not really getting much satisfaction. Then there's my boss, who was persuaded to upgrade to a faster broadband service, with three weeks free, and then it took them three weeks to get it started. Then you get a phone call, which purports to be from a 'Steve from BT Internet', only this Steve has a particularly Asian sounding accent!! Grrrr is all I can say.