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Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Gardens of Easton Lodge

I was tempted to go birdwatching today BUT it was Snowdrop weekend at Easton Lodge and I thought it would be nice to go somewhere different. The place was heaving I have never seen so many cars there!

Well hello! I saw a brimstone butterfly but this Red Admiral posed :)

and bees!

This feels more like late April/Early May!!

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Chippenham Park

Earlier in the year I discovered a garden called Chippenham Park. It's on the Cambridge/Suffolk border and I had never heard of it! A bit of research shows it isn't open a lot but that it is open for Snowdrop season.

The garden was designed in the Anglo-dutch style for a friend and official of King William III and has a number of  "canals".

So as the weather today promised to be rather good I headed to Chippenham Park today.

So thoughts? The garden was nice. Definitely worth going to, obviously it helped that the day was flipping gorgeous. I could easily be on holiday the last few days!!

It's a pity that it is open more often but that's the owners right. 

Oh saw my first butterfly of the year a comma.