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Friday, June 23, 2017

St Mawes

I went to St Mawes for the  first time with my local tour guide (Jan). We wanted a coffee and I was taken to Idle Rocks. Not bad views!

So lets have a look around St Mawes

We had Crab Rolls from here! Very nice!!

So St Mawes Castle which is one of the best preserved of Henry VIII's coastal castles, now here's a thing I handed over my membership card and said one member one adult and was told you're entitled to bring a guest!! Never had that happen before!!

This is another of Henry VIII's castle Pendennis across the Fal

There is a nice garden nearby (recommended by my friend Rebecca) but it was very windy and looked like rain (which we drove through later)  so off we toddled.

Pete - Jan: Do you want a coffee or a glass of bubbles....
Jan: see below!

And yes it was sunny in North Cornwall!!


Tricia Ryder said...

It's lovely at St. Mawes isn't it!!.. and that sea fish stall was shut on Wed when I was there. walked all the way back to find it had never opened... lucky you :)

Ragged Robin said...

Another beautiful place - you are having a super week :) Haven't been to St Mawes for years! Your posts really are making me want to go back to Cornwall :)