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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Charlestown, Lostwithiel and Antony

Given my targeted National Trust property wasn't open until 12 I stopped at Charlestown for a gander.

That's a Swift disappearing!

I assume Rock Pipit I'll try and work it out later!

Now I was after a bank machine and if I had been in the right lane I'd have gone to a Tesco I would have. However I wasn't, I thought bound to find one in Lostwithiel, however I missed the town centre sign but straightaway saw a sign for a free car park.... a free car park? in CORNWALL??? So I parked up and headed off..... Lostwithiel I thought why does that ring a bell? and remember that the lovelostwithiel twitter account follows the duck! So as  that shows taste I had a look around!

The Great Hall (Duchy Palace)

13th century bridge

St Bartholomew's Church

I didn't get to the park and I could have driven to Restormel castle but time was pressing and an excuse to return!

So to Antony. It was built between 1718 and 1724 by Sir William Carew. And the Carew's live there to this day. The house was given to the National Trust in 1961 but the Carew Pole's own the estate and live in the house.

Cherry Scone rather good.

Apparently the blue sky disappears tomorrow in the south west :(

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