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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Padstow & Lanhydrock

Padstow is a fishing port. I first visited in 1982, It had a lovely rambling bookshop , old cinema and a hilly putting green. I rather liked the place. Since then the TV chef Rick Stein has moved in and it is often referred to as PadStein.

I last visited around 11 years ago (?) so I was interested to see how it had changed. Superficially it looked the same  but a closer look showed it is much more touristy. There is still a book shop but it has moved and looks very typical. The cinema has gone as has the old putting green. There are art galleries, restaurants, lots of pasty shops. I couldn't obviously see anywhere to buy a paper....

I'm sure it takes more money etc but I  compare it to St Mawes which still seems to have a bit of soul. Padstow much less so.

Apparently the best Pasty in the world 2016

Just how many Pasties do you need? One of these claims best Pasty 2013 and nearby was Stein's patisserie

So off I toddled. I filled up with petrol had a coffee and read my paper (the I) and then went to Lanhydrock.

Lanhydrock is mostly Victorian. It came into the hands of the National Trust in 1953 as the family were dying out. I have to say I particular like it. Its a long tour with lots of rooms open, including kitchens and servants rooms.

By the time I arrived the drizzle had gone.

The scone good flavour but so dry, not good given it had just opened.

There was a wedding in the church when I arrived (the church is not NT)

St Hydroc's....

Good day! Home tomorrow. A whole 3 weeks to the next