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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Buzzard

When I got into birdwatching in 2002 there weren't many buzzards around this part of the world (Essex/Herts/London boarder). I saw my first in 2003 in Somerset and I remember sitting in an NT property amazed at the numbe of Buzzards in the sky.

A year later a local birder (who is also a church crawler) asked me if I had seen the "mythical" buzzard over the M25/M11. Well I hadn't but a few days later I emailed him to say I had seen one! As the years have gone on I've seen more and more and nowadays I see them regularly.

Any how last week as I drove to work I saw two say on telegraph poles as I drove to work and I'm now regularly seeing them.

The buzzard is definitely doing well here.

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Tricia Ryder said...

Am sure they're on the increase.. see many more than I used too.. almost a common sight now