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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Sudbury Hall & Museum of Childhood

I have moved to the peak district. So I had a quiet day and drove straight to Sudbury Hall.

The house is a restoration house (it was built after Charles II returned to the throne) and built between 1660 and 1680 by George Vernon. Out of interest Vernon's seem to be everywhere!

It is notable for its fine staircase and long gallery (the later unfashionable at this date I believe).

Queen Adelaide (widow of William IV) leased it for 3 years,

Oh and it was used for the interior scenes of Pemberley in THAT dramatisation. Whereas lots of people go to Lyme Park (used as the exterior of Pemberley and where that scene of Mr Darcy coming out of the lake was filmed) I wonder how many people go to Sudbury?

Note lack of duck!

So off to explore. The gardens are not extensive and alas you can't get around the lake. No idea why I never went into the adjacent church!

The scone of the month Cheese, Onion & Butter again lack of duck (I never finished it :( )

I assume she is one of Charles II mistresses.....

Sudbury is the home of the National Trust's Museum of Chilidhood. Which is very good and reminds you how old you are!!

Great day out I HIGHLY recommend it but alas not the scones :(


Ragged Robin said...

Looks superb - I know I keep saying I want to visit but I really must make the effort to persuade OH. House and gardens look good and as for that Museum :) I spy Sooty in the last picture and I have a Paddington Bear just like that one!!

My knitted bear is progressing but it is so fiddly :( Just have the legs and jumper to knit. Will do legs and sew it up and stuff it before making the jumper in case it is a disaster!! :( I shall regard this one as a practise attempt I think :) If the pattern doesn't work I will go back to the other one!

Pete Duxon said...

thanks RR.... couldn't you suggest a knitted bear for Christmas or birthday present?

Ragged Robin said...

The ways things are going I might have to lol - sewing up a nightmare (so tiny). Am having to reknit the head as I managed to sew it on the wrong side so the seam would have shown right by his nose :( Getting close to giving up!!!

Am trying to finish it in a rush. Will knit rest of head again and then leave it until tomorrow!! :) Hope you had a good day :)