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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Erddig Hall

As Erddig is just up the road I decided I ought to pay it a visit.

Erddig is a property that scores amazingly well in top 10 house polls. Now I like Erddig but I really don't understand how it is quite SO popular.

What I like is that there is so much known about the servants and this is well presented. Which perhaps explains its appeal.

The house was built between 1684-87. The Yorke family moved there in 1733 and remained until the house was given to the trust in 1973. The house was in structural danger after the collapse of a shaft from a nearby mine. The Trust obtained compensation from the Coal Board and the house was reopened in 1977.

and would you believe there was light rain??


Ragged Robin said...

Both properties visited yesterday Pete look wonderful. Love the sheep and the red and white dahlia is very unusual!

Tricia Ryder said...

Erdigg look beautiful... even if you did have light rain .. and the donkey?.. have we seen this one (or another) here before?... Another fascinating place to visit..

Pete Duxon said...

cheers both.....

Trish..... there was one at Carisbrooke Castle on IOW