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Monday, September 05, 2016

Dunham Massey & St George's Stockport

I headed to Stockport this morning as a church on my wants list was open.

849 St George's, Stockport

Everyone very friendly!!

Now just a few miles down is Lyme Park but it wasn't open til later and as Dunham Massey would be open or arrival I headed there and as I arrived it rained!!!

Not a bad view eh

The deer are everywhere and easy to find!

As you can see easy to find!

A ringed feral Pigeon

There were a lot of simple children's games to try

A good scone!

They are presenting the story of Dunham's lost years. George Grey the seventh Earl of Stamford had a controversial second marriage (she was a circus performer) and due to the public reaction they left Dunham and it was abandoned for over 40 years.

The Grey family is the Lady Jane Grey family.

This is Elizabeth Woodville who married Edward IV

Her daughter Elizbeth who married Henry VII and whose son was Henry VIII.

Lady Jane is related to both.

The sun came out and I sat and read and enjoyed the company of ducks!


Ragged Robin said...

A shame about the rain but looks a superb house and garden :) Love the wood carvings in the church :)

Tricia Ryder said...

Dunham Massey looks beautiful - love the library.. and great to get the deer and ducks!! and at last, a Quack's worthy scone :)

Pete Duxon said...

it is a lovely property..... love the lake and deer