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Sunday, September 04, 2016

Biddulph Grange

Very close to Little Moreton Hall is Biddulph Grange.

The house which started from a Victorian rectory. The Bateman's bought and created the garden. The house burnt down and was rebuilt in 1896. The house had various owners and purposes and the gardens decayed. Until 1991 it was an Orthopaedic Hospital.

The National Trust acquired the property in 1988 and have fully restored the gardens and the house are now apartments.

This one part of the house you see and you can have tea here....  I went to the tea room.

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Ragged Robin said...

Great pictures Pete despite the rain! I've only been once and we only had an hour before closing but the gardens were superb :) Didn't realise how close it was to Little Moreton Hall - really must go and try and visit the 2 in a day. Love the Red Dragon and Cuthbert and Mr Quacks looking as though they are enjoying themselves (in the rain!!)