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Friday, September 09, 2016

Bakewell, Eyam and Ilam

So where to today?

I always like to go to Bakewell as it has a nice river running through it....

Oh a bridge with locks.....

I bet Tricia will be pleased that I found a Dipper

Did he say Tricia? I'm off!!!

There's fish in this here river.

And so to Eyam Hall.

Now this is interesting. It is a private house and the owners are retiring and they have come to arrangement with the National Trust who now has a 10 year lease on it. The lease is 4 years through. What happens at the end of the lease I don't know. It will depend if any of the current owners children want to take the house on. Oh there is a tea room (not NT) and yes I did have a scone but not duck worthy.

The house is Jacobean  style and was originally a farm house.

The NT volunteer thinks I am mad :D well given the look I got!!

No not a real one!

The village is noted for an outbreak of bubonic plague which occurred there in 1665, famously the villagers chose to isolate themselves rather than let the infection spread.

Oh the church is in the book and I have visited. I could have strolled around the village BUT my NT book indicated that Ilam Park had a tea room and as it was near my accommodation.

Now I knew nothing of Ilam despite having been here  many times, I probably haven't looked it up as I've never seen any of those NT road signs.

The estate is 158 acres. The Hall was sold for demolition in 1930's and this was well underway when it was bought for the NT. This was done on the understanding that was left would be used as a Youth Hostel, which it is.

Not a bad view to eat ones scone!

The church of the Holy Cross, Ilam. It is much restored but....

The tomb/shrine of St Bertram a place of pilgrimage to this day.

Good day I'll have to explore Ilam some more.


Ragged Robin said...

Looks like you had another wonderful day Pete :) So much of interest and great pics. Had to laugh re: the volunteer's expression at Mr Quacks posing!! :) There are even more locks on that bridge at Bakewell than when we went a year or so back!

Tricia Ryder said...

What a fascinating and varied day... and I'm absolutely delighted you got a dipper and picture of same (I lie!!!) ...

Eyam Hall looks fascinating... one I must visit one day!!