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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Walking along the river

I wasn't sure where to go today so ended up going to Flatford.

I arrived as the cafe opened and noticed that the bake of the month was a...

Rhubard and Ginger Scone

Right young Diego this is where we come in!

I went for a wander along the river to Dedham and back.

I then came across 3 pairs of Canada Geese. One pair had 2 chicks, one pair had 3 and the last 13!!!

As so I arrived at Dedham.

As I made the return journey I was serenaded as I was leaving Dedham.

The House Martins were collecting nesting material!

So I had earned my lunch.... I was going to have soup but fancied a savoury cream tea, Cheese scone, cream cheese and chutney.

I don't have "normal" cream teas ..... but I seem to be a cream first person!! controversial!

I love the way this Mallard joined these people.

I did a bit of shopping....

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Ragged Robin said...

Lovely photos Pete of what looks a totally idyllic walk :) Goslings are cute and the scones look very tasty!!!