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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Peckover House

And where to today? I had noticed that Peckover House had followed Mr Quacks and thought yep we'll go there (there are other properties I REALLY must visit for that reason!)

Peckover House is in Wisbech in Cambridgeshire which contains many fine Georgian buildings.

The house, then known as Bank House, was built in 1722. In 1794 it became the home of the Peckover family for over 150 years and was given to the Trust in 1948. For over 80 years the family ran a bank from it. As well Bankers the Peckovers were Quakers, collectors and philanthropists.

The house is a Georgian merchant house and by the standards of many trust properties. It makes a nice contrast to Paycocke's which is a Tudor merchant house. What I love about Peckover is the garden, it is lovely place to sit and read a book. Another that if I ever win the euro millions I would happily want to own.

You park in a nearby car park (free) and have a short walk to the house which is part of a nice Georgian streetscape over looking the river.

I was a few minutes early and enjoyed the bank holiday sun.

The tea room is in the Reed Barn in the garden so guess where I headed first !

As I entered the tea room there were NO SCONES!!! However they were just coming out of the oven!

It was lovely sitting outside feeling the heat on my arms!  So off to explore the garden.

Hang on what's that ? Spotted Flycatcher

The outside toilet was for garden workers.

So into the house.

The house was empty, I believe, when the Trust got it. The first room shows the contents packaged for sale.

A plan of Wisbech around 1794.

So off for lunch! I had a nice Spring Vegetable Soup. I eschewed the bread and went for a cheese scone!

A lovely day. If I lived nearby I'd spend plenty of time in the garden with my book!

For those who want more info there is a good virtual tour.

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Ragged Robin said...

You do find some beautiful NT properties Pete. Wonderful photos of the house and garden :) Love the bee photos. It looks quiet there too for a bank holiday!!

Seeing as you have taken such great photos of it - you are forgiven for the Spotted Flycatcher sighting :)