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Monday, May 09, 2016

Madrid - Royal Palace, Cathedral and some gardens - tasters

I arrived in Madrid yesterday, I left the UK in warmth and blue sky and arrived in Spain to rain and it being much cooler!!!

Today at least the morning stayed dryish less said about this afternoon.

I went to the Royal Palace in the morning which is magnificent.

after this point you couldn't take pics so I have some post cards to scan.

The cathrdral

So off to some gardens.....

I appreciate this is rubbish but note lack of spots!

Monk Parakeet, there were lots also a Ring Necked!

I was also pleased to see Tree Sparrows

Uh yes well

The little chap in the centre was in the gift shop of the Royal Palace and it looked so lonely.....

It started HAMMERING down so we walked back into town for a glass of vino a snack and a coffee.

1 comment:

Ragged Robin said...

Some good bird sightings there. Love the new duck - does he have a name? Hope weather improves soon.