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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Day 4 - The Botanic Gardens

I passed the queues for the Prado and headed for the Botanic Garden.

In Italy these are always a little disappointing but this was quite good and there were lots of birds!

Mr Quacks giving young Diego tips on how it's done!

What the..... a Night Heron???

It got spooked by some tourists (not us!) and flew to a tree.

What I would expect to find on a small pond!

A few of these Blackcaps were heard.

We went out of the garden for lunch and then

went to Atocha station for tickets to Toledo. It was a slow process!!

The station was impressive.

There is a small pond in the station! Hundreds of these!!

It had taken longer than expected and so went back to the garden to drink a coke zero. We saw a Great Spotted Woodpecker and a Short-Toed Treecreeper I'm told that is the only sort they get. And look who was in the pond!

Saw this on the way back!

1 comment:

Ragged Robin said...

A beautiful botanical garden and photos - love the night heron (never seen one :( ). The flower pics are gorgeous especially the ones with raindrops :)