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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Day 6 Arriving in Florence (teasers)

So today I was moving from Verona to Florence. Not only did this necessitate a train journey BUT I had to get an interconnecting train half way!!!

There was 20 minutes between trains and the trains from Verona to Bologna was 10 minutes late!! Luckily we arrived on the platform for the Florence train about a minute before the train arrived!!

Anyway arrived in Florence at wandered to the hotel and dropped off the cases!

It was grey and cloudy and dare I say it a little chilly! But lovely to see the Ponte Vecchio.

The Piazza Della Signoria is an amazing open air art gallery. Alas this David is a copy.

The Duomo and Baptistery

Off for some views!

A few insects..... haven't got a clue!

This is an art exhibit last year there were men.... this year spoons!

1 comment:

Ragged Robin said...

Florence is looking lovely :) Wine on Tap - what a great idea :)

Still puzzling over those insects. They do look like bee flies but wish I knew if they had a long proboscis as that might clinch id. Other possibility is Hairy Footed Flower bee.