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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Strolling Around London

I was in London for a lunchtime concert.

I got up early as if you want to park at Epping station you have to be! I got off at St Paul's and headed for Paternoster square.

Oh look a girl on her smart phone.....

Oh look a girl on her smartphone!

Monument to the fireman of London during WWII

Once this church would have dominated now it is lost.....

Before the rain started Mr Quacks had some fresh air!

Man on his smartphone under the dome of St Paul's.

St Paul's..... and I STILL maintain it is more attractive than St Peter's.

The crowds

Another church dwarfed by its surroundings.

More hordes.

I stopped for a coffee

Anyone want a bus? 4 at once!

Interesting look. I think it was a model and photographer.

Part of the sculpture in the city trail.

Another sculpture in the city....

Anyway it was raining so we popped into the Wesley Chapel

John Wesley's grave. It would have once have been a rural oasis!

St Luke's

The concert was the period group Musica Ad Rhenum who consisted of a Flute, Cello and Forte Piano and the programme was

Haydn - Trio in G Major
Clementi - Sonata in C Major Op 22 No 3 La Chasse
J C Bach - Sonata in C Minor Op 17 No 2 
Graf - Grand Sonata in G Major

Curiously the piece I enjoyed most was the Graf and he is the one I know least about! The traverso flute is quite different in sound to a modern concert flue and the forte piano is less dominating so a nice balance between the 3.

It was really nice to listen to a very different programme to the normal chamber music repertoire.


Tricia Ryder said...

Twas an excellent concert.. would like to see them again!

Ragged Robin said...

A beautiful church and I do like the photo with the reflection in the metal sculpture :) Had to laugh at the smart phone photos as I've come to the conclusion that my daughter's is permanently glued to her hand!

Pete Duxon said...

i don't own one :)