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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Constable Country

Oh great one of those dull grey winter days..... but at least it didn't really rain.....

The problem with dull grey winter days is I tend to stay known haunts......

Anyway a stroll around.....

Dedham is a pretty village of the sort that most people think Essex doesn't possess. It is famed as being somewhere John Constable painted.

This is a portion of the roof under the walkway through the tower... very fine!

This is Dedham Mill oft painted but Constable. Now luxury flats.

And so to Flatford on another day I might have walked as it is a lovely stroll.

Mr Quacks wasn't entirely happy posing for this. A bit windy and it looked very wet down there!

The farm building was open and look who came !!

Frankly the trust should have kicked everyone and let me sit with my book and a good wine in front of this!

This is my second November scone of the month (Honey & Walnut) and again excellent. It's the best Flatford have done this year.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Out with Dad

His nibs wanted a bag of potatoes..... so much better value :) So I took him out for a ride.....

We started in glorious sunshine but it soon deteriotated.

Just a few pics from Clare.

The ducks were waiting for someone to feed them,

Not a great shot I was just about to line him up when a dog spooked him..... the vegetation made it point and hope :)

The old station building is being restored....

As the weather was rubbish we headed home. Nice for sir to get out for a ride.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rye Meads - 22/11/15

I decided to pop down to Rye Meads this afternoon.

Again a bit on the quiet side with the highlight being some Redwing.


Tufted Duck



Little Grebe


Tufted Duck




Tufted Duck

And we'll finish with some mallards.