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Sunday, May 17, 2015

St Peter Port

When I normally arrive at Gatwick I have to do battle with the crowds today I strolled up to the Aurigny desk where the chap looked a bit bored and checked my bag..... boarding the plane was painless and after a short hop I was on Guernsey.

Minor panic when the car hire couldn't find the booking but soon rectified and we were off. Bit of a shock for Trish to have a speed limit of either 25 or 35 and we had soon arrived at our hotel and a complimentary cuppa..... bags dropped we headed in to the island capital St Peter Port

For those who don't know Guernsey is a British crown dependency, defence is the responsibility of the UK govt BUT it is not part of the the UK nor of the EU. The Balliwick of Guernsey along with its neighbour Jersey is the last part of the Duchy of Normandy still in the possession of the British Monarch and together these are known as the Channel Islands. These were the only parts of the British Isles that were occupied by Germany in WWII. Indeed it has marked the 70th anniversary of the Liberation.

We went into a deli where we got Brie and Smoked Ham Baggies made up and sat and ate them on the harbour....

This is the monument to the 50th Anniversary,

The Bunting is from the liberation celebrations.

Into Candie Gardens

We stopped for a cuppa

Monument to Victor Hugo

A memorial for those who fought and died in the Boer War 1899-1902, don't often see these!!

St Peter's church.

Yellow phone boxes and blue post boxes.

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Ragged Robin said...

Ooh! :) Looks a lot nicer unless you've picked the more scenic parts :) Actually have been to St Peterport - car ferry stopped there to drop people off on way to Jersey! Mum and Dad preferred Guernsey so look forward to rest of photos. You are making me want to get on next plane!! :)