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Thursday, May 21, 2015


Today we went to Sark....

It is larger than Herm and has a population of 600 or so. It was still a feudal state until 2008 when it became Europe's newest democracy. Therefore although part of the Balliwick of Guernsey it is fiscally autonomous. There are no cars just horses, tractors and bikes....

There is a steep climb up to the top you either walk or pay £1.10p for a tractor ride.... I took a tractor.

You can take carriage rides....

They have a waitrose!!!!

St Peter's

The church is the only where you can still rent a pew. Apparently the prices haven't gone up since the 1920's and the rent is 40p or such per year.

i'm advised female Holly Blue.

Green Hairstreak I believe.

and another

Red Admiral

We had lunch Sark Crabcakes (very nice) at Hathaways and then went into the La Seigneurie Gardens

Speckled Wood I believe

The hole you see is the window in the rock

and Ragged Robin took GREAT delight in iding this as Speckled Yellow MOTH the shame of it!!

This is the view.

We stopped at Hathaways for tea

This is Tricia's ..... as a diabetic I skipped the jam but did have cream for once! Well I'm on holiday!!

So a gentle stroll down the hill.....

and off

1 comment:

Ragged Robin said...

Lovely photos Pete - Sark looks really beautiful.

Love the moth :) Something I rarely see on your blog :)

We won't mention the Green Hairstreaks #green !!