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Friday, May 22, 2015

Guernsey Day 6 - All's Well that ends well

So we checked out of the hotel and headed off to explore more of the coast.

The weather was very dull......

The Transport!

So the weather was poor so we headed to Sausmarez Manor where there was an art exhibition in the grounds,

Caption contest

We headed into town and picked up some essential supplies

So our flight was at 6 and we arrived at the airport a bit earlier  than needed and dropped off the car, As we checked the boards we saw LOADS of flights delayed due to the fog that was over hte airport...... we were told there was no point dropping our bags off as the 2:30 wouldn't go to 5:15 we'd be out 8:30 or so....... so we sat to read. I went for a stroll and asked at the Aurigny ticket desk and was told the same but off hand she said there were two seats empty for the 2:30 flight and she could put me on those free of charge if I wanted? Did I want? YES!!!  We eventually got off at 18:25!! When we got home I checked the Guernsey departures and our original flight was cancelled!!

I think Trish will be  a long time stating I never ask anyone.... :D

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