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Monday, March 09, 2015

Musical Monday

I was in London today for a BBC Radio 3 Lunchtime concert so I took the camera ......

The sun was glorious first thing

Some of the titles that no longer grace Fleet Street

The thing I love about London is how there are so many small garden oasis. Victoria Embankment Gardens.

Memorial to Arthur Sullivan.

Monument to the Camel Core

Robert Burns

One of the temple gardens

I was meant to be meeting Trish but due to Southern Rail she was late so we met at Pret near Wigmore Hall for a coffee

Penguin book window display at Foyles

Delivery for a few of my female friends. A bottle in each hand :)

The concert was at Wigmore Hall and was my first Lieder Concert!!

Christianne Karg - Soprano
Gerald Huber - Piano

the pieces were

Hugo Wolf - Mignon Lieder
Brahms and Richard Strauss - Ophelia Lieder - selection of pieces by both
Saint-Saens - La mort d'Ophelie
Hahn - Lyde from Edutdes Latines, A Chloris, Seraphine
Duparc - Phidyle, Romance de Mignon

So what did I think? Well I really enjoyed the Wolf and the french pieces. I'll have to try some more!

1 comment:

Tricia Ryder said...

The 2nd pic is just great.. so much detail!!

And I agree.. the concert was most enjoyable and the french pieces in particular ... must see some more :D