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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Island Hopping

Ye gods what a glorious day. With apologies to those of you enduring bad weather it was LOVELY. We took the boat and visited some of the islands.

The hotel....

Looking back from the boat

The island of Torcello

One for RR to id for me :)

We strolled to the top of the Campanile....

The cathedral looking down (alas no pics inside)

The tourist stalls weren't there when we arrived....

Just before the boat point we spotted a Kingfisher. It looked glorious in the sun.

We picked the boat up and went across to Burano....

The view for lunch!

Burano is connected to Mazzorbo by a foot bridge

on the way back.....



lovely day!

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Ragged Robin said...

As mentioned on Twitter butterfly is I believe Wall. Not sure about the other insect - one of the Saw Fly species?