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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Hatfield Forest/Rye Meads

An exciting start to the day.... defrosting the fridge and getting my haircut!!

So with rain in the air where to?? I probably have hopped on to the tube and headed to the National Trust's Fenton or Sutton House but instead I decided I ought to head to Hatfield Forest to see what was up with the Great Crested Grebes.

Luckily the Grebes were soon visible and they had 3 stripey headed youngsters, after a few years of failure it was good to see them. The terns also have a youngster (I only saw one but the raft is covered in greenery) that looked quite advanced.

The goslings are looking like adults now and there were lots of ducks.

Not many pics from the Forest.....

I mentioned a few weeks ago that a pair of Black Necked Grebes turned up at Rye Meads, well the birds have hung around and now have two chicks!! So I thought I ought to go and have a look at them!

A posey Common Tern, been ringed.

Little Grebe

Pochard family

Record shot with two Black Necked Grebes. The chicks are partially obscured by the coot.

Reed Warbler playing peekaboo!


Tricia Ryder said...

The BN Grebes are in hiding I think :)

Great news about the GC Grebes though.. hope it's the first of many.

Like the Reed Warbler pics.. great you got it!!

Ragged Robin said...

Great selection of bird photos Pete :) Sorry for late comment - catching up (slowly!!)