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Sunday, January 19, 2014


Hang on is that blue sky I see? It is! So an afternoon visit to the village of Finchingfield (one day I will go on weekday when there are less cars!)

They're advertising ducks on the pond!

and here they are...

Yup it's January!


Ragged Robin said...

Lovely photos Pete of a very picturesque village and beautiful church :)
Horrors though as it appears blogger has yet again decided to do away with the photo gallery so when you click on a photo now you can only see that photo and not a gallery of them all :(

Roy Norris said...

Some superb images Pete, especially inside the Church. The one of the flower display in subdued light is astonishing.
The old place doesn't change much. I would like a £ for every time I have driven over that bridge as I did for over seven years.

Pete Duxon said...

cheers RR - the slideshow seems to be working now.

Thanks Roy. Got lucky with the flower display. I turned around JUST as the sun came through! Finchingfield is lovely one day I'll be there without cars :D