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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Anglesey Abbey and Audley End

It was a tadge icy this morning!

As the day promised to be bright I went to Anglesey Abbey (not been there for ages).

There was a sign stating that new rooms will be open next year so a return visit is on the cards! And the garden is one worth a visit at any time of year.

So it was 12:05 and hot soup called, the plan was to eat and then do the rest of the garden. BUT NO!! what is this? the flipping restaurant is full!!! So distraught we headed back south to Audley End where we had a VERY nice Spicy Parsnip and Apple soup. The scone was less interesting .....  there were three types and I chose the one that looked shop bought!! DOH!! Still the soup was very warming and made up for it...

I'm fascinated to see what this is for!

And yes I love this part of the garden and the tree!

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Ragged Robin said...

Some lovely photos there Pete - I love the trees reflected in the water and the first one of the silver birches. Did you use a different lens for the the latter?

Enjoyed reading about your trip to London too - the ballet sounds as though it was rather good :)