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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Romeo & Juliet

We'll do the pics tomorrow!

Today I was in London to go to Covent Garden to see the Royal Ballet perform Romeo and Juliet. This was the 1965 choreography by Sir Kenneth MacMillan to Sergey Prokofiev's music. Oh and it was my second ballet.

It was a relatively late decision and we had restricted view seats that would be less of a problem at an Opera than a ballet. Still they were only £13 which even without the ballet is pretty good value for over two hours of Prokofiev orchestral music!

I'm obviously not qualified to comment on the quality of the dancing but I did thoroughly enjoy it and thought it was generally well acted. My one criticism would be the duel between Mercutio and Tybal,  Mercutio took flipping ages to die! However Melissa Hamilton (Julia) and Edward Watson (Romeo) had definite chemistry, the final scene where Romeo finds Juliet and believes her dead is very poignant.

One of the things with watching ballet is that they make it seem so easy and then you realise just how physically demanding it is!

As I say there was real chemistry between the two leads and I was surprised just how young Melissa Hamilton is.

Being in the slips did mean I got good views of the Orchestra who gave a spirited performance I thought.

All in all a very good 3 hours.

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