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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Mozart and Squirrels

I have accrued the minor matter of 32 days flex and I finally took a day of it today.

I was off to a lunchtime concert at LSO St Lukes near Old Street. I decided to head off early and take some pics.

St Lawrence Jewry church. We'll go inside in a bit....

The Guildhall

The Guildhall museum.

Right that church!

Some pics on my stroll

Does this look incongruous.......

Bunhill Cemetery

There were loads of Squirrels!

John Bunyan

Nice to see there were bird feeders and this insect house!

John Wesley

St Luke's

Trish finally arrived.... and after a drink we went back to Bunhill (I stuck a small telephoto on)

The Squirrels were being fed!

The ladies doing so were hoping for Jay's!

The Jay did come and nick some nuts!

An unexpected find in November!

The concert was part of LSO St Luke's Mozart season.

Vilde Frang - Violin
Michail Lifits - Piano


Violin Sonata in F major K376 by W. A. Mozart
Violin Sonata in G major K379 by W. A. Mozart
Violin Sonata in E flat major K481 by W. A. Mozart

Frang and Lifits are both young and incredibly talented. The pieces were beautifully played with real intensity shown by the two musician, no going through the motions here. One of the best concerts I've been to this year.


Tricia Ryder said...

Love the window in the church.
And yes, the contrast in old/new buildings does look incongruous.

the squidgies were so obliging.. and great to have the jay visit..

next time, we'll go armed with nuts and me with an appropriate camera and lens!

and a couple of very talented young musicians!

Ragged Robin said...

Beautiful church and I love the squirrel photos - glad you enjoyed the concert so much :)