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Friday, September 13, 2013


And so with the sun shining we got on a train and went to Pistoia......

it was market day...... sorry Italy dad isn't with me!

First look at the Duomo

Anyone fancy a walk to the top?

Museo civica

Door of the Baptistry

The duomo

The silver altar

 Chiesa di Santa Maria dell Umita

Chiesa di San Andrea

lunch was at the La Bottegaia. A decent bowl of Pasta and a good glass of wine....

Ospitale del Seppo

back into town

Tourist information office

from the duomo

we saw a Firecrest and what is this???

Back to Lucca

We had dinner at the Buca San Antonio which was lovely. Nice atmosphere and the meal was lovely. Had a nice bottle of wine from Monte Carlo (not that one) which we had seen from the train!!

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