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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday - Ickworth

Yesterday it was blue sky and warm temperatures (t-shirt weather) today it's grey and I need a jacket!! We were going to Anglesey Abbey but turned on to the A11 as traffic looked heavy and went to Ickworth.

The wildflower meadow in the walled garden will be superb next year for butterflies I hope.

There's a moth on this RR!!

and a Moth here ;)

I had forgotten about the feeding station, and of course my telephoto was in the car so these are with the travel zoom! There were lots of birds highlights were Marsh Tit, Chiffchaff, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Coal Tit and Nuthatch.

We spent more time at the feeders than planned.....we had a nice soup and sandwich from the Porter's lodge (in my opinion preferable to the restaurant).

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Ragged Robin said...

Aha Moths!!!! :) If its the same as Tricia posted on Twitter its a Nettle Tap (courtesy of Stewart "From the Notebook" :) Won't bore you with the latin name too :)

ps Wildflower meadow looks lovely and great for pollinators :)