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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Back under a Tuscan sky......

Just over 13 months a go I got on a plane to Pisa for my first overseas holiday so last Sunday it was with a degree of familiarity that I arrived in Pisa. I happily knew where I could get a train ticket and then sauntered out of the airport, noting the buses to Florence and strolled down to the train station by the airport and got a train to Pisa Centrale.

At Centrale we changed to get the train to Lucca.

Why Lucca you ask? Well my holiday last year was at Cheryl's urging and it was to Lucca. Alas Cheryl had to pull out without a hotel being booked but I had flights and so went to Florence. But I had liked the look of Lucca and so I thought I ought to visit the place that had caused by European oddysey....

Any we were on the train. We arrived in Lucca and quickly found our hotel (the San Lucca Palace - recommended) dumped bags, grabbed a camera and headed out.....

It was warm buy grey and cloudy, which was actually a result as the forecast was for rain (which it had done earlier!).

I love the Italian food shops

Giacomo Puccini 

The church of San Michele in Foro

Street musician. There was a variety in the same spot.

Obviously news that Trish was here.....

This is where the Puccini festival concerts were normally housed. The church was being restored and they were around the corner in another building.

The Duomo

The back of the church where the concerts are normally housed

lots of these

I love the high buildings

An ice cream parlour where you built your own.

Someone being tempted....

After a shower we headed out on the town....

Oh this was in the hotel.

a bit of sun finally!

Dining al fresco

We ate at the Giglio, nice meal with decent wine.


oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful, wonderful. I would love to go to Italy one day. You'll be my guide. :-)

Ragged Robin said...

Looks a great place Pete. Your photos certainly tempt me to visit Italy :)