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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chelmsford Cathedral

I took his nibs to Chelmsford today... Mum & Dad used to regularly go over.

Rather amusing to watch dad looking at second hand cameras and find him ooh and aahing over old Rolliflexes and Rollicords :)

We popped into the Cathedral (which was a parish church and was elevated to Cathedral status in 1914) and nabbed a few pics......


Ragged Robin said...

Beautiful cathedral Pete. You are fortunate to have so many lovely churches in your vicinity that are open.

I keep meaning to visit Lichfield Cathedral - have you ever been?

Pete said...

Lichfield Cathedral is gorgeous!! well worth a visit. Combine with a trip to Shugborough Hall??

oldcrow61 said...

That ceiling is awesome. Is that a window with the tree? Absolutely beautiful.

Cindy said...

... I adore Chelmsford Cathedral, and love to go the city - not just for the Records Office though. Funny, but when I lived in Braintree I never used to go to Chelmsford - I wasn't a family history fan then though.