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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

When I was a lad....

Long long long a go I was young.

The highlight of my week would be popping to the newsagent to buy my weekly comic. I guess I'm not alone in that, there were loads of them and they ran the whole range of styles. From Comic strips, to adventure stories to war stories to American Superhero comics.

But time and changing styles has changed this in the UK. And today I read that the last ever print edition of the Dandy is no more and is now download only. Nowadays with a few exceptions(the Beano, 2000AD, Commando) there no British comics (as I know them) that are not the result of a TV tie in.

I guess its no surprise but I don't think there is the same thrill a buying a physical comic eh ho.

1 comment:

Tricia said...

I know... sad isn't it... I can remember Dad bringing it home for my brothers and me..... :)

and web version is def NOT the same!