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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Busy doing nothing

It was a lovely day today and I REALLY should have gone out but I fancied laying around doing very little!!

It was nice to get down to the seaside yesterday and I've never been to Worthing before. I have to say I don't think the Sussex coastal towns are as good as the rest of Sussex, Sussex has lots of lovely small towns/villages but the coastal towns don't match them. That said I do like Eastbourne, there are some nice gardens and the seafront has lots of seating places and on the whole feels more genteel.

It was also nice to do some birding, I'm aware that I've become very lax. These days I'm more interested in taking pictures so the birds fit around that. I'll have to pop up to Norfolk and take some landscape shots whilst I'm there.

Next weekend is a long weekend (concert Monday) so you'll get 3 days of photos to make up for this!

And coming up we have my first ever ballet...... yup I'm off to see the Nutcracker! I'm really not sure WHAT to expect. Still the music will be good :D

Oh I've all most finished another roll of film, when I have two ready I'll send them off. The Olympus Trip 35 is a nice little camera, great viewfinder. I do regret not getting into photography much earlier than I did.


Ragged Robin said...

Its nice sometimes Pete just to laze and potter around and not do much :)

I don't seem to have done much birding this year either - my "year list" is the lowest ever! New Year Resolution will be to do more next year - hopefully :)

If The Nutcracker is anywhere near as good as the production I've seen a few times in Birmingham, you should enjoy it. The music is beautiful and I was just spellbound the whole way through :) Even my son enjoyed it!

Tricia said...

I have to agree about Worthing as a town - it does fall short given neighbouring villages - Eastbourne likewise...

and yes, the music will be good - sure the ballet will be too :)

Island Rambles Blog said...

I agree we all should have been born with cameras strapped on to our hands...I regret also that I never had a camera until now. Get that film developed...cheers.