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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Testing a camera whilst visiting churches

What a difference a day makes! After the rain and grey skies of yesterday today was blue skies! Lovely.

I headed out after lunch to test a camera (cough!).

St Mary's, Little Easton

St Mary the Virgin, Tilty

The church was one once the gatehouse chapel to a Cistercian Abbey. It is on the left hand side in the illustration below.

St Mary's, Chickney. Now in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust.


Ragged Robin said...

Lovely photos Pete - I would be very pleased if that was my my camera :) Sorry to be naive but does it have interchangeable lens? If so, what lens did you buy? And why did you decide on Fuji rather than Olympus?

The churches are beautiful.

Pete said...

sent an email!

yes it does have interchangeable lenses. Although i only have one!

Cindy said...

well, how interesting, I have ancestors from Little Easton, so very lovely to see photos. This place is on my 'to visit' list. On Sunday we were in Pebmarsh (more relly hunting) and pics are on my blog.