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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sherborne Castle, Abbey and Town

I had been that impressed with any of the towns I had visited this week but Sherborne is lovely. It feels like a Cathedral City in miniature it has an olde world feel and a fabulous Abbey Church.

Sir buying something!!

Olympic post box.

on to Sherborne Castle which was once the home of Sir Walter Raleigh.

  Cake was Coffee and Walnut


Ragged Robin said...

The ceilings are amazing in the church.

Sounds like you and your dad had a great holiday with good weather.

Thanks so much for sharing - have really enjoyed the posts and photos:)

Tricia said...

Sherbourne looks very interesting... the wooden carvings in the abbey are beautiful and the grounds of the gardens look so inviting... some lovely pics and views.

Love the two bears :D

Cindy said...

I don't believe ... we were in Sherborne on Tuesday the 18th September (pix on me blog!)