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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Out and about......

I was meant to be in Norfolk meeting up with a bunch of friend. Alas events meant I didn't want to be far from Dad so it will be rearranged.

Trish however has delivered my 80-400 :) So we went on a local tour.

Butterfly World near St Albans is not fully open. The big biome opens in Autumn 2013 but there is a small house open.

Interesting toilet design :)

The leaf cutter Ants are impressive


The gardens are designed to attract native Butteflies but the cloudy weather this morning was not conducive.

As we were in the area we popped into Shaw's Corner a small house built in 1902 that from 1906 to his death in 1950 was the country house of Sir George Bernard Shaw.

Nearby is Ayot St Lawrence Church. Not something you expect to find in the English countryside. Thought it might surprise Trish.!

And to finish a stroll along the river at Dobbs Weir


oldcrow61 said...

Beautiful butterflies and bugs. And, that ant statue...well...need I say more. Love Shaw's house and grounds. Great shots all.

diddums said...

Oh, those leaf cutter ants are amazing!

What's this 80-400??

Psst... picked up four free Andre Nortons.

Pete said...

it's a lens Diddums :D been in for repair

Ragged Robin said...

I've read about the Butterfly World place - looks a superb place to visit:) Love all the butterfly and bug photos and the gnomes are cute!

The church is unusual to say the least!

Hope your dad is still recovering well.

Tricia said...

...and the church was amazing... twas a good day! :)

Janine said...

What a cool place. I recognize many of those butterflies from my own garden! Will be awesome once it is completed.