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Sunday, September 02, 2012

If I had been there 5 minutes earlier and later

I spent the morning at Dad's and was rewarded with a roast lamb dinner! Result if you ask me.

After dinner I popped into Rye Meads. The Common Sandpiper flew about 5 mins before I walked in the hide and the Marsh Harrier flew in 5-10 minutes after I left the reserve SIGH.

Still I did see a Blackcap, Green Sandpiper, Lapwing and heard a Cetti's.

Great Crested Grebe's aren't regular so nice to see


Anonymous said...

Roast lamb? I'm hungry now... Mind you, I think supper tonight is going to be Roast pork.

Tricia said...

The grasshopper (cricket) pics are really good...