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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Holy Trinity, Long Melford

I was out with Dad today , we just went for a ride in the Suffolk countryside.

I've probably shown you Long Melford church many times but hey...

Holy Trinity has a fine collection of medieval glass.Elizabeth Talbot below left is meant to have inspired illustrations for the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland.

This Adoration of the Magi dates from 1350 (130 years before the current church). It was dug up in the 18th century under the chancel. Possibly part of an altar disposed of during the Reformation. Note the midwife plumping the pillows and two cows peering underneath the bed spread.

A Lily Crucifix

These lights are throughout out the church. Quite elegant...

Holy Trinity has a fine Lady Chapel. You enter via a separate door.

The Lady Chapel was once used as a school room. Times table anyone?

Although much of the churchyard is well kept, I like that bits are left to wildlife.


oldcrow61 said...

That bench is fabulous. I like the look of the lady chapel and I agree with you about the headstones.

Ragged Robin said...

Beautiful church. The information re: Alice in Wonderland illustrations is fascinating!

Tricia said...

That sunflower looks sooo cheery given today's weather :)

Cindy said...

I'm rather proud of Suffolk, but I equally love many places in Essex, Hertfordshire and Dorset ... it is a beautiful world we live in.