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Friday, March 23, 2012

who is it aimed at?

This week, Israel passed a law banning models from advertisements or fashion shows if they measure less than 18.5 on the body mass index (BMI). The idea is to stop the spread of size 0 models.

Of course a BMI number is not very scientific and I'm sure that I could find women who have a BMI of 17 who look less skinny than some one of 19.....

Anyway you can't help to spot that the media, and especially women's fashion mags, seem to like ultra slim girls.

But here's the point who are they selling to? Because I think most men prefer a bit more shape?

I mean I think most men would be turning to Christina Hendricks than some of the models who seem human clothes hangers.


Janine said...

The "human clothes hanger" effect is the exact reason why super skinny girls are preferred in the fashion industry. Most women have variations in curves and shape and thus may look better in some styles than others, but the twiggy model can wear any style or outfit since there are no curves to accommodate. Speaking with the authority of a former model who had a bmi of 16.5. (now 20.5!)

Pete said...

Hi Janine

yeah I do understand that. But frankly I think most many prefer the curvier girl.....