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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Badgers - Some Good News

Apparently the Welsh Government have decided not to cull Badgers in Wales.

The Welsh Government has elected to vaccinate Badgers against bovine tuberculosis.

I can only hope that the government in Westminster follow along along similar lines. Although with this lot I doubt it.....


Ragged Robin said...

The decision by the Welsh Government re: vaccination instead of the proposed culling is brilliant news.

Can only agree with the sentiments in your last paragraph. I am still constantly emailing my MP about it all! Although I gather several legal challenges have been made in England to try and prevent the culling - can only hope they are successful.

Tricia said...

At last a common sense decision; not enough evidence to point to badgers being either the, or a, cause of bovine TB.

and I too hope the Government follows suit..... but we could be in for a long wait IMHO