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Friday, January 13, 2012

A little disappointing

Hudson's Historic Houses is a guide book published annually that lists virtually all of the hertitage attractions open to the public. Although as an HHA, National Trust and English Heritage member my guides cover 90-95% of what I need its nice to include some independents and have everything in one place.

This year Hudson's celebrates 25 years. The book is typically big and glossy and comprehensive looking with lots of articles and some discount vouchers are included.

It arrived with my Bradshaw yesterday and I picked it up glanced through it and went to look at places for the first holiday of the year..... uh hang on where's Tyntesfield? Uh where's Clevedon? Looking at the map vast swathes of National Trust properties in the South West were absent. My home region was well served but when I went to Wales I found some properties present and some not.

I've no idea why this should be. Do properties pay to be included? Maybe the Trust (especially the South West) has decided to save its pennies.

Still it's very disappointing to fund that Hudson's coverage now means it is not the one stop shop it once was.

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