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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Charging? its nothing new

There has been controversy in recent years with Cathedrals charging people to visit and indeed many charge now. It was interesting to read in the Baedeker that even in 1890 Cathedrals were charging for entry.

Canterbury Cathedral for instance charged 6d for entry to the Crypt and Choir with Wells cathedral charging 6d to see the choir.

The Priory Church of St John Brecon (became a cathedral in 1920) has the following entry: keys kept in a white cottage to the left of the entrance: fee 6d.

Two properties now in the care of the National Trust admitted visitors in 1890. Penrhyn Castle was open Tuesday and Thursday by tickets obtainable at the Bangor hotels; 1 person 2s each additional person 1s. no gratuities! Whereas Knole was 1 person 2shillings, 4 persons 6 shillings, 7 persons 10 shillings.

Interestingly Haddon Hall and Chatsworth in Derbyshire were both open and were free but with gratuity to the attendant/custodian!

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