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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Classical Music, Sightseeing and Squirrels

Today was the last cultural day of the year.

Up early and off to St James's park......

It was so dull....

Oh look Buckingham Palace

Is this a winter bloomer?

Some collection birds

Ah the ubiquitous Grey Squirrel.

The memorial to the Animals at War.

Some Selfridges windows.

The concert was the Finzi Quartet playing:

Haydn - String Quartet in Bb Op 50 No 1
Brahms - String Quartet in C minor Op 51 No 1

and very enjoyable it was and a nice final concert of the year!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us Selfridge's windows. The next thing Id like to see is a red squirrel.

Ragged Robin said...

Cute squirrel and I love the idea of a memorial to Animals at War. Great pics of London and I'm glad you enjoyed your final concert of the year.

Tricia said...

Squiggies stole the show again in the park eh :D and I agree -excellent concert and a high note to end the year on.

oldcrow61 said...

I have to say, that first shot of the palace brought back a lot of memories for me. I was in London many years ago only for three days. I remember grabbing a cab, going to the palace, jumping out of the cab, taking a picture through that fence then jumping back in the cab and I was off. I really like the statue of the man sitting on the hand. Of course all the statues are wonderful. Imagine a tree in bloom, wonder what it is?

oldcrow61 said...

Also meant to say that I love the shop windows. I wonder what the naughty toys are, lol. Didn't check it out DID YOU!!!