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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Powis Castle

The sun was glorious when I got up this morning but my the time I had breakfast we were back to cloud.

So off to Powis Castle.

As I entered the estate I saw these chaps!

Some ducks were on the pond.

Although I was most pleased to see a female Goosander!

Ah some more Deer.

On to the castle and its spectacular gardens.

You can hire this as a holiday cottage.

So you are at the bottom of the terrace and your lunch is at the top! So it is damned lucky that the National Trust also has a tearoom there!! Nice homemade soup.

There are no photos inside the castle which is sad as its rather nice! Powis home to Robert Clive - Clive of India - and there is a nice museum of stuff he brought back.

After my castle tour I had a nice lump of Coffee and Walnut cake!

Then went to read a bit from the top of the terrace.

If you are in the area go to Powis Castle it's a corker.


Ragged Robin said...

What a wonderful set of photos, Pete and the flower close-ups are very special. Powis Castle looks a beautiful place and what a great cottage/house to stay in!

I love the dragon door ornament or is it a door knocker? in the last photo. Whatever it is I want one :D

Pete said...

door knocker! and i think someone from newfoundland wants it ;)

Tricia said...

Wow - what a wonderful place and gardens Powis is; (heads off to Powis)and some beautiful pics Pete!

Rather obliging Song Thrush posing for its picture :D

And the corridor of arches - is it a vine?

And I'm in the queue for the door knocker.. although I rather like the peacock.

That conifer bush (in the pic above the first B&W) - have you noticed it's got a face ? :D

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos as always... they get better and better. I love the fact that you experiment with B&W.

BTW, you asked a while ago what ads were being attached to my Wordpress posts without my knowledge. Do you see any here?
(Cat Owners Have Degrees is the name of the post, just in case my URL is not allowed). It's either with occasional posts or with older ones... or both! Perhaps it was an experiment they abandoned... I really hope they did.

oldcrow61 said...

I've been so busy I missed this one. Oh my, Oh my, I want that dragon statue and the door knocker. Not only that, I want to live in that castle, lol. Gorgeous grounds.