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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Grebe update

I went over the Forest first thing. It was looking rather lovely I thought.

Loads of Whitethroats about.

Sadly there were no Terns about (although one was seen yesterday). Still I was chuffed to see that the Grebe chicks were still there.

One chick

Two chicks

Ah all three

I was chuffed to find that the other Grebe had moved off its nest and there was a stripey headed baby aboard!!

There were still 6 Grebes and they were doing well with the fish.

There were some coot youngsters on the decoy lake and the swallows have a nest.

This chap looks SO happy.

The greylag chicks arer still about

And the Sedge and Reed warblers were still in the reedbeds.


there are signs up saying dogs on leads in the lake area and at least two different numpties were letting their dogs run riot and one was even throwing a ball in near where I had been photographing the chicks earlier!!! GROWL!! I ASK YOU.

So off to Rye Meads. There was a Kestrel in the nest box.

The Bird of the Day was a Common Sandpiper and there were a couple of Common Tern's but none on the rats.

Lots of youngster about here and there were quite a few pochards and tufted ducks about. There were some Swifts over.

There were lots of Sedge Warblers and at least this one posed!


Anonymous said...

Nice photos. Did you have a word with the ball chucking dog walker?

Pete said...

afraid not I was over the other side. Probably lucky really as I was a "bit narked".

I'm SLOWLY getting better at this photo lark!

Tricia said...

Those buttercups have really come out in the last week.. if the pic is anything to go by... it must be lovely to see the sea of yellow with the naked eye - so to speak!

And as for those dog owners.. I shall say no more as I will get banned!

oldcrow61 said...

It's so nice to see all the new life. The babies are always a joy to see. Those buttercups are fabulous. As to those dog owners...if I really said what I felt about those people, I would be banned too. I'm biting my tongue here!!!

Kah-Wai Lin said...

The grebe is cute!