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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Farmville in the real world?

The National Trust is to offer 10,000 farm followers a chance to "farm" on the Wimpole Estate in its MyFarm project.

The followers will be charged a £30 annual fee and will be expected to make key decisions on which crops to plant, which animals to buy and whether to put in measures such as new hedgerows to help wildlife.

They will be asked to make 12 major monthly decisions during the course of the year as well as other choices.

There will be strict parameters on what the options can be based on. These will include climate, legislation, the requirements of the environmental stewardship scheme and the heritage protection scheme.

Richard Morris (Wimpole Home Farm's farm manager) said:
MyFarm is Farmville for real. Real farming decisions with real farming consequences.

By influencing the work at Wimpole, our farmers will start to understand the effects and implications of their own decisions.

The National Farmers Union president Peter Kendall said:
The National Trust's MyFarm project is an opportunity for a wider audience to see some of the competing priorities that 21st Century farmers have to manage.

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